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Change the way you think about LinkedIn

Grow your company's following

Demonstrate your expertise

Provide helpful, relevant information to prospects

Generate new business

LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Still using LinkedIn as an online resume?

Connecting with people and never hearing from them again? 

Unsure why you even have a LinkedIn profile if you're not looking for a job?

It's time to change how you think about LinkedIn.

What if you could use LinkedIn to generate new leads, connect with potential customers, and establish yourself as an industry expert?

Even if you're not in marketing, you should be using LinkedIn to represent your company, find prospects, and drive new business. 

Instead of seeing your LinkedIn profile as an online resume to find a new job, view it as a powerful, valuable channel for reaching your ideal customer. 

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Start using LinkedIn to build awareness and generate more leads. 
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Think of it this way:

  • 72% of buyers use social media research before buying.

  • 80% of all social media generated B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

  • 92% of B2B buyers engage with people who are viewed as industry experts.


If you were viewed as that industry expert, who was always providing useful information that your connections actually wanted, what would that mean for your business?

It would mean that those connections would turn to you when they were ready to make a purchase. 


They would know you and your company, trust you, and think of you when they were looking to buy. Then, all you need to do is pass them on to your sales team to close the deal.


Sounds easy, right? It is. But only if you are committed to using LinkedIn the right way, on a regular basis.


In this course, you’ll learn how LinkedIn has changed from being an online resume depository into a powerful sales and marketing tool that everyone needs to be using, no matter what your role is. You’ll see how some simple changes to your profile page can dramatically shift the way you’re viewed by potential customers. 


We’ll show you how to find and connect with the right prospects, what to share to your page and why, and how some of LinkedIn’s more overlooked features can become an important part of your lead generation strategy.


If you’re looking for ways to connect with recruiters or find a new job, this isn’t the course for you. 


But if you’re serious about helping your company reach new prospects, increase sales, and build a stronger online brand, then this is a course you can’t miss out on.

start using LinkedIn to build awareness and generate leads

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"This course was an eye-opener for me on how much more I could do with LinkedIn. It really helped me think about the site in a different way, and I learned how to use it to generate prospects for my company. The section on how to write a better profile was especially useful as I applied what I learned to my Summary right away. Anyone who feels they are not making the most of LinkedIn for lead generation should take this course with their team."

Lynn Rockburn | past Global Channel Manager | ThinkRF


In our 2-hour on-site training in Ottawa and the surrounding area, we’ll show you and your team how to make the most of LinkedIn as a sales and lead generation tool. We’ll come to your office at a time that works best for you. Outside of Ottawa? We can deliver the training through a live webinar.  

Module 1

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Wait! Isn't LinkedIn for Job Hunting?

We'll walk through the basics of LinkedIn, demonstrate the main features, and explain how each of them plays an important role in generating new leads for your business

Module 3

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It's All About Connecting With Prospects

Just like the real world, networking is the best way to build new relationships and find new prospects. So who should you be connecting with, how can you find them, and what should you do to further build a relationship?

Module 2

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Positioning Yourself as an Industry Expert

By shifting your profile away from a resume, you can position yourself and your company as a leader in your field. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide to improving your LinkedIn profile so that you can demonstrate your expertise and start connecting with the right people.  

Module 4

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Show Your Knowledge - Engage with Content

We’ll show you why consistently liking, sharing, and commenting on posts is a necessity to stay top of mind, how posting articles of your own can help build your brand, and what type of content you should be looking to engage with on LinkedIn. The more valuable information your share, the more prospects will come to see you as a leader.

Module 5

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Turning Prospects Into Sales

Now that you’re active on LinkedIn, connecting with people, and sharing content consistently, how can you identify people who may be interested in your products? We’ll show you what to watch for and how to introduce them to your sales team so that they can close the deal.

Module 6

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Helping Your Team Use LinkedIn

All of this information is useless if you can’t implement it. In this last module, we’ll provide a step by step guide to turning these strategies into action. We’ll also give you some tips on how to get your team started, so that they can understand the power of LinkedIn as well.

Module 7

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Hands On Activity - Writing a Better Tagline

Ready to put your learning into practice? Your tagline is the first thing people see when they find you on LinkedIn. Don't waste your first impression! This hands-on activity will help you write a better tagline that makes the right people want to connect.

Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at:

  • B2B companies who are looking to grow the number of leads they generate

  • Everyone across departments, including sales, operations, software development, and business development

  • The executive team

  • Anyone who recognizes that they are not taking advantage of LinkedIn and are unsure where to start


This course starts at a basic level and works up. It's designed to give people at all levels of familiarity with LinkedIn the confidence to use it more effectively. 

In the Ottawa-area, this course is delivered in-person at a time that works best for your company. Outside of Ottawa, it can be delivered via a live webinar. 

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Download our LinkedIn 101 Checklist for 10 easy steps you take take to improve your profile and connect with more prospects

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