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You play a big role in your business's marketing efforts - even if you're not in marketing. But sometimes the language, strategies, and tools used by marketers can be confusing and difficult to understand. 

With Marketing for Non-Marketers by Bridge the Gap, you and your team can learn new ways to generate leads, convert them into sales, and make your business stand out from the competition. 

Comprehensive training solutions from Bridge the Gap can be delivered on-site in the Ottawa area or virtually for anywhere else. 

Your business is only as good as your team, and your team is only as good as the skills they bring. That's why continuous training is so important. Improve your team's skills, and you can improve your company's results. 

LinkedIn for non-Marketers

How you can get more customers with LinkedIn, even if you’re not in marketing! Learn more.

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Lead Generation For Non-Marketers

Fill your sales funnel and convert prospects into customers.

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Instagram for Non-Marketers

Think Instagram is just for personal use? Think again!

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Content Marketing For Non-Marketers

Turn your content into awareness and sales. 

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