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Turn your social media into a lead generation tool that actually generates value for your business. Engage your followers with the right strategies, the right content, and the right platforms to generate awareness, move people through the sales process, and convert them into customers. 

At Bridge the Gap, we understand how to use social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Whether you're a local business offering a service, a tech startup building a customer base, or a large multinational with multiple audiences and products, we can help you take back control of your social media so that it starts producing real value.  


What to share, where to post it, how often to post, and how to turn those followers into customers. The right strategy is critical to getting results from your social media efforts.


There's one thing that's always true with social media. Once you start, it takes time and effort to keep going. Take the pressure off with complete social media management on any of your sites.


Not a marketer? Not familiar with a social media site? Need help getting your employees engaged. High quality on-site or virtual training positions your team for success.

Small Business

Perfect for small and local businesses, these solutions are tailored to make it easy for you to maintain a presence on social media while taking care of what's most important - your business.


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