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Still think LinkedIn is just for job seekers? Think again

What do you think of when you think of LinkedIn? A place to put your resume online? Desperate job seekers? Annoying email updates? If you’ve thought of any of these, then it’s time to change your view of the platform.

LinkedIn has evolved to be much more than an online resume site. Every day, millions of professionals use the platform to network, learn new things, discuss industry trends, and most importantly, research new products or services from companies they may be interested in buying from.

That’s why LinkedIn represents a huge opportunity for both individuals and companies who take advantage of it. With the right strategy, LinkedIn can help you:

  • Network with industry professionals and key decision makers at target companies

  • Establish yourself as an expert who is a reliable source of valuable information

  • Position your company and its products or services as an industry leader

  • Generate new leads that can be introduced to sales and converted into customers

Not in sales or marketing? That’s fine! The fact is that everyone, no matter your industry, level, or functional area, can use LinkedIn to build your brand and help your company reach new prospects.

Excited yet? You should be. Here’s proof that you should be using LinkedIn for lead generation today.

Why you should be using LinkedIn for lead generation

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform in the world. Everyone is on LinkedIn, from students all the way up to C-Suite, and those that use it see it as a valuable source of information. If you’re a B2B company (one that sells to other businesses, rather than consumers) LinkedIn may well be the best place to reach your next customer.

Here’s why:

What does that mean for you and your team? It means that if you’re active, you can connect with your audience through LinkedIn.

But does this translate into leads? The data says yes.

OK, so your target audience is on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn has been shown to generate leads. But why? And what can you do to help your company take advantage of it? Two key stats answer these questions:

Tying it all together

So, if people want information that helps solve their problems, and they are more likely to be receptive to a sales person who is introduced to them by someone they know, then the next steps are clear.

Post useful information, help people solve their problems, become known in your industry as an expert, and build relationships with your connections. Over time, you’ll be able to tell who’s interested in your products or services, and then provide a warm introduction to your sales team.

Every single person at your company or on your team can do this. Each person has a specific area that they’re an expert in. Whether you’re a software developer, an operations specialist, a sales person, or an executive, you represent your company on LinkedIn, and you can play an important role in helping establish credibility, trust, and recognition with your potential customers.

Not bad for an online resume site, right?



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